pacific_news (pacific_news) wrote,

Pre-order for Tackey's stageplay goods


I am taking pre-order for Tackey's stageplay.

Besides Tackey, there are also ABC-Z and Kis-My-Ft.

- Pamphlet : 4200 YEN

- Poster (2 types - A/B) : 2500 YEN

- Clear file (2 types - A/B) - 1800 YEN

- Original Photoset (3 types -A/B/C) - 1200 YEN

- Shopping Bag (2 types - A/B) - 1200 YEN

Total price will be lower due to combined shipping.

Pre-order will be carried out only if there are more than 5 orders.

Payment is to be in by 20th January.

All prices stated inclusive of paypal admin fees, postage fees and packaging fees.

500 YEN more is required for registered mail.

I only accept Payal (yen) and POSB payment (SGD).

Please note that stage photos might be released at the later part of the shows.

Note: If the package turns out heavier and more expensive than predicted, I reserved the rights to request for more payment (usually less than 1000 YEN). Thank you for the understanding (^^)

Thank you!

NOTE: I realised the stage photos are only available to people with tickets. However if you are interested in the stage photos, I can source them from elsewhere. Thank you.

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